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The NMiTE Design Cohort. A unique gap year experience. A valuable pre-employment one.

Heading for university? Or just graduating? We want you to help us create the student experience for what will be Britain’s first new university in 40 years.

We’re calling this project the Design Cohort. Because you’ll be one of around 25 people designing no less than a new form of higher education.

From campus layout to curriculum design. From trialling new models of learning to new ways of student living.

It’s a unique mission. And we’re looking for unique people to take it on.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

So your son or daughter has come to you with an idea that sounds intriguing. It is in fact unique. The New Model in Technology & Engineering, Hereford is an ambitious new project backed by the government and industry to change the course of engineering higher education in the UK in order to meet the challenges of the future. As a member of our Design Cohort, they’ll go through a life-boosting, once-in-lifetime experience that will help us shape and deliver a new form of education for future generations. Crucially, they’ll also gain valuable, real-world experience and develop key personal and professional skills. It’s a unique project that’s never been done in the UK before - and so we’re looking to select some unique young people to join us.

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